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Next LEEFfestival: 15 and 16 June 2013

Wageningen transforms into one big stage during Het LEEFfestival

At the end of the 1970’s a group of Wageningen weirdo’s became inspired by the "Festival of Fools” held in Amsterdam. As a result, the first "Wageningen LEEFfestival" (literally: "Dare to LIVE festival") was organized in 1980. At that time the number of festivals in the Netherlands was very limited. Over the years the festival has grown considerably. Today the LEEFfestival has its own distinct character. Participation by local (theatre/artistic) groups and innocent passers-by are very important. The lively, decorated city and the relatively small-scale size of the event make the festival a sparkling affair which perfectly suits the overall atmosphere of downtown Wageningen.
The street is the stage and the stage is the street; enabling perfect contact, interaction and synergy between artist and audience. All LEEFfestival events and activities are free of charge. The program covers a wide range of artistic disciplines ranging from small, intimate acts to bombastic larger-than-life performances (and everything in between).The "Kunstmarkt" (art-market) has become an integral part of the festival as well.

A generous stage for amateurs, professional artists and audience alike

Characteristic of the LEEFfestival is the open-minded space it provides for all and any creative expressions. Everything is possible, nothing is impossible. Artists and those who aspire to become artists (even those in the audience still blissfully unaware of their abilities) are enabled and supported in developing their skills. At the same time the LEEFfestival is a large production and an intimate and cozy event, best expressed in the untranslatable Dutch word "gezellig".

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